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12 August 2015

Interview with Kelly Callaghan of

Professional Spray Tan Training Using Lavish Tan Products/Equipment!

We sat down with Kelly Callaghan, Master Trainer and owner of, to see how she got started, what certification programs she offers and some great advice that may be helpful for those who are interested in starting their own business in the spray tanning industry.

KJ: Can you tell us how you got started with your own spray tanning business and what has led to your success with that?

KC: Well, I started in the tanning industry about 15 years ago in Corona, California.  We offered UV beds and the stand-up spray booths at the time and I noticed that my tans never really came out the way I wanted them to. The UV beds made my skin burn and peel and the stand up booths turned me too dark or orange and streaky.

I always tried to think of ways to improve those services but never really thought of anything until right before I started my business. 

If you can control the amount of DHA, the main active ingredient in sunless tanning products, placed on your client’s skin while applying the spray by hand then that should allow you to control the color of the tan as well as avoid streaking and, of course, you would never get burned by the sunless mist!

Once I realized that I spent months researching about business, licenses, insurance, skin care, sunless tanning, marketing and sales so I could feel confident enough to start my own business.  I started off doing mobile tanning in the Inland Empire and after a few months I expanded to Los Angeles, Orange County and then to San Diego all within 6 months.

I think that it is important to keep a positive attitude, as cliché as that sounds, it’s true. Owning a business is not an easy task so trying to maintain your faith and your hustle through the good and the bad is really important. 

KJ: Great story! We can definitely relate! Now, you train and certify individuals who are interested in becoming spray tanning technicians; can you explain what types of programs you offer and how someone who is interested can get started?

KC: Sure! We offer beginner and advanced courses both in person and online. Our online courses are done via Skype and have really taken off the past few months. 

The Skype courses are done on an individual basis which is nice because we can customize the plan according to the individual student’s goals and schedule a time that works best for both the student and I.
The beginner certification course typically takes about 4-5 hours while the advanced courses take about 2-3 hours.

We also have training facilities in San Diego, Corona and now Venice if students are interested in learning in person. We hold hands-on trainings about 1 time a month at each studio and hold a capacity of 6 students at each facility to ensure each student is getting adequate attention during the training. Quality over quantity is what we aim for. 

Many of our client’s are salon owners who are adding spray tanning to their services as well as individuals who are starting up small businesses and even students who just want to do this part time or for fun. If anyone is interested in getting trained and certified they can contact me directly at 858-333-6922 to make a reservation or visit us at to get more information on our programs.

Once the course is completed, all of our student’s receive a certification of completion, on-going support and discounts on Lavish Tan products! We also continue to hold a 5-star rating for all of our beginner and advanced programs which is amazing!

KJ: We are excited to give your student’s discounts on our products and know that they are in great hands while working with you! It seems you have a very good reputation with your students; why do you think that is?

KC: I always preach quality over quantity. I think it is important, as an instructor, to not overwhelm yourself so that you can give each individual the attention they deserve. There is a lot of information to go over during training which is why I set a capacity of 6 students per class and, of course, the Skype sessions are great because they are on a 1-on-1 basis. 

After the students get certified they have the option to join a free private group where they can offer advice and seek advice from other students and experienced business owners. Many have reached out to me via e-mail or phone and I have been happy to assist in any way that I can.


I really believe that I go above and beyond for my student’s in a way that most instructors don’t. I value my student’s success and my reputation so I definitely try to do anything I can to help throughout their journey which is why I offer the on-going support.

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