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22 December 2013

Dove's Body Evolution Video

Society's Distorted Perception Of A Normal Body Type

This photo was taken for Dove's Evolution Video. The media images and fashion icons that we idolize are warped ideas of beauty.  Like billboard signs and magazines, the pictures are manipulations that distort our sense of normal bodies.

We are trapped in a narcissistic world of images, where we must self-surveil our bodies with beauty as one of our primary goals.  We invest in and manipulate our bodies often towards unrealistic ideals of what society views as a perfect body. The only way to achieve these kinds of bodies, like Barbie’s proportions in this image is through drastic cosmetic procedures.  Yet, we still labor over our bodies, continually trying to shape it in accords of dominant ideals.  The reality is that these kinds of bodies are usually always manipulated and completely warped. 

Watch how easy it is to manipulate a body type through photoshop and airbrushing.

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